Graphic identity brand

To create DÀCTIM’s image it was made a reinterpretation of its graphical linguist codes, the dactylological alphabet, so in the image we can see 28 symbols that remit to the hand positions in the international alphabet. To develop these symbols, the hand was divided in seven parts so all the symbols were proportional; from this division comes the main 7×7 grid, with some backup spaces.

The organization of the event will be determined by four main topics, which are music, audiovisuals, technology and culture. We will use these four ranges of colors, so the logo will vary according to the topic.

From the top to the bottom we find, at first, the explanation of the color. In the second row appears the corporative symbol in black. In the third row, we can see the monothematic with the color of its category, and in the next row, the multithematics with a combination of categories of the same topic. In the last row, the multidisciplinary, with the four colors of each category, also combined together.

In terms of the applications, we will have lots of options with, for example, corporative stationery, only by combining the topics of the event and their graphic symbols. We can also see a corporative poster with the colors of all the topics that belong to the category “technology”, and then, below, there is another poster with a possible image –it could be this or another–, obviously related with the category of the poster, “music” in this case.”

Other applications could be these possible merchandising products, for example, a variety of recycled cups of coffee. Then, we can see these two t-shirts, and finally official books of DÀCTIM with some contents about the event, more information, some pictures…

What is DÀCTIM?

DÀCTIM is a project designed for the part of the population that suffers from hearing problems. It is considered the first multithematic event for this group of people.

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